Nature of Work

The work of this craft is chiefly concerned with the erection of poles and towers, the stringing of overhead lines, the installation of underground systems, the installation and connection of sub-stations and all types of maintenance and modification of the above.

Practically all of the line work is performed out of doors and lineman are exposed to all types of weather conditions, in fact, much of the emergency work in this field is occasioned by extreme weather conditions. Much of the work is at heights ranging from 40 to several hundred feet off of the ground and lineman must be physically capable of climbing up and down metal towers, wood poles and other structures. They must handle heavy equipment and other materials while suspended from towers by safety belt and from wood poles, while standing on climbers and suspended by safety belt.

Linemen are required to perform work on energized lines and equipment. These extreme hazardous conditions require that lineman be capable of performing their work at all times in a safe manner, to be thoroughly familiar with the tools and equipment involved, and be able to get along with other members of the crew. Construction linemen are also frequently called upon to work in close harmony with customer personnel, and must be capable of coordinating their efforts accordingly.

Due to the nature of the work, construction linemen are expected to travel and live away from home for a portion of the time. Linemen are not reimbursed for expenses while traveling away from home.

Primary hazards of the trade involve falling, exposure to electrical burns (both high and low voltage) and injury due to reaching, lifting and carrying. This occupation requires a high degree of physical strength and endurance.


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