Job Description

An apprentice lineman works under the supervision of journeyman lineman and assists many essential tasks on power distribution systems:

Construction (de-energized distribution systems)

  • Placement of footings
  • Assembly and erection of metal towers
  • Framing and erection of wood poles
  • Installation of anchors, guys, insulators and conductors
  • Assembly and erection of steel and wood substations
  • Installation and connection of busses, grounds, switches, circuit breakers, transformers, regulators, and other related equipment
  • Installation and splicing of underground cables and related equipment

Maintenance (energized distribution systems)

  • Pole and conductor replacement
  • Changing insulators and cross-arms
  • Changing and installing transformers, capacitors, regulators, switches and other distribution devices
  • Rubber glove work on energized primary circuits
  • Hot stick work on distribution and sub-transmission voltages (generally in the 2,400 to 34,500 volt range)

Additional tasks

  • Installation and maintenance of series and multiple street lighting systems, traffic control systems, and associated control systems

The term of apprenticeship shall be 7,000 hours of on-the-job training and may require more than three and one half years to complete in view of possible employment lapses.

Each apprentice shall be required to complete three years of related instruction away from the job. Time spent in related instruction, at home and/ or in the classroom shall be in addition to the 7,000 hours of on-the-job training, and is not considered hours of work.


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