Frequently Asked Questions

• Will a Class A permit work?
No, you must provide proof of a valid Class A CDL license to qualify for an interview.
• Will my college transcripts qualify me?
No. Our program requirements state that we must have an official sealed (in an envelope from the school) transcript from your high school that shows your graduation date. We will not accept copies of diplomas either. Official high school transcripts only.
• What if I didn’t graduate high school?
If you did not graduate high school, but did earn your GED, you are responsible for providing us with official transcripts for the high school grades you did attend. You must also contact the institution that you did your GED testing (college, State Education office, etc) and obtain a sealed copy of your testing results to deliver to this office. If you earned your GED in a state that no longer sends out official copies of GEDs, it is your responsibility to provide in writing the instructions necessary for us to get online and print out the test results at our office. WE CANNOT ACCEPT RESULTS YOU’VE PRINTED OUT AT HOME AND MAILED IN. IT MUST BE DONE AT THIS OFFICE.

Due to high volume we do not confirm whether individual transcripts have arrived. If you are concerned about making sure your items have arrived, the best way to do so is send it via method you can have tracked while shipping.

• How long before my application is processed??
There is a 7-10 business day average. Applications are processed in chronological order as the mailed transcripts come in, this process ensures applications and interviews are ordered properly and that any applications submitted after yours are not processed before yours. Once we have transcripts we verify the online submissions are finished and complete your application. If anything is missing we will contact you back by email.
• How long before I will know my interview date?
You will receive correspondence stating your application is complete and you are now waiting for an interview. These notices are both emailed and mailed out. Interviews can happen within the next month and typically takes 1-3 months on average (but can take longer) depending on if there’s a waiting list to interview in that area.
• What do I need to bring to interview?
Nothing. No tools are needed. It is an oral interview and no demonstration is required.
• Can I get credit for previous work experience/line school/previous apprenticeship?
It is up to each individual subcommittee to determine whether they will grant credit to an individual.
• What address do I mail my transcripts and documentation to?
8425 Washington Pl. NE Albuquerque, NM 87113
• When will I know if I’m accepted?
After interviewing you will receive your rank score. We will contact applicants individually via written correspondence on an as needed basis when new apprentices needed. If you are not contacted, you can remain on the rank list for up to 2 years. Orientation will be held in Albuquerque NM and it is required you complete orientation and pass to remain an indentured apprentice. Failure to pass orientation will result in removal from the program.

***For Apprentices***

• How will I receive classroom/field training?
All indentured apprentices are required to complete two separate week long classes held twice a year in Albuquerque. All class schedules are posted in TradeSchool accounts.
• How do I report my monthly hours worked?
Monthly hours are due by the 10th day of each month at 5 pm MST. Hours can be submitted by mail, fax 505-222-5071, or email to Mailed items must be postmarked by the 7th to be accepted. If you email or fax hours please keep a copy of the fax confirmation or proof it was sent in your email, and if you can send a read receipt. Check Tradeschool on the 16th of every month to verify that your hours have been received.

Book prices are as follows
1st Year: $480.00
2nd Year: $410.00
3rd Year: $400.00

1st Year Access Card: $140.00
2nd Year Access Card: $232.00
3rd Year Access Card: $190.00


Phone: (505) 222-5070
Fax: (505) 222-5071

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Southwestern Line Constructors
8425 Washington Place NE
Albuquerque NM   87113
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